Sunday, January 24, 2016

Anniston At Two and A Half

Anniston is two and a half, so so crazy!! She's half way to three, and I almost can't even deal. Ha. Here are some of the little things she does that we just love and want to remember about her at this age. 
  • She is growing like a weed and is 30 pounds even and 35 inches tall.
  • Is wearing 3T and 4T clothing.
  • Still takes an hour nap each day.  Thank goodness!!
  • When we are out and about as a family, she always sings "I like to be with my family," over and over.  It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever! 
  • Loves loves loves pink donuts and talks about them constantly.
  • She calls her little brother "little sweetie."
  • Speaking of being a big sister, she is a pretty great one at that.  
  • She always wants to help me change Ezra's diaper. 
  • Whenever Ezra is crying, she will hold his hand or rock him in his car seat.
  • Loves pretending to be a doctor and calls herself "Doc McAnni."
  • Get's so excited for Sunday, because that means she gets to go to Nursery. 
  • The twirly slide at the park is her go to.
  • Is learning how to swing on the swing by herself. She's almost got it down.
  • Her stranger danger has lessened. The other day, she said hello to someone at the store, then turned to me and said, "I used to be shy," then giggled. Ha.
  • Is learning the different states in the US. Right now, she just knows where she lives (Arizona) and where she used to live (California), where she desperately wants to go back. She's having a hard time being away from her Grammy, GG, Uncle Chris, Uncle James, Aunt Kas and BFF Logan in San Diego.
  • Gabe taught Anniston about gila monsters and informed her that gila monsters live in Arizona. She is interested in them and always asks Gabe to tell her about them, but she is also deathly afraid of them. Everywhere we go, she asks us if gila monsters live there.
  • Loves the show, Lion Guard, and goes around telling people she is "The protector of the Pride Lands."
  • Has become quite social and loves being around other kids. Thank goodness she has made a friend here. It was so sad seeing her go to the park and watch longingly as the other friends played together. 
  • Is ecstatic about having her very own fish tank (Gabe setup a tank in her room for Christmas), especially since we found her some pink fish! 

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