Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree.

We bought our first ever Christmas tree as a family! Ever since Anniston was born, we've lived with my parents, so we've never had to buy a christmas tree. And before we had Anni, we only ever bought one Christmas tree, the first year Gabe and I were married. Now that we are finally living on our own again and can no longer bum off my parents tree, we decided to get our own. The whole experience was much more rewarding since Anniston is now old enough to comprehend what a christmas tree is, and she's now so full of opinions. She actually picked our tree out, and she was extremely proud of herself. When the nice young man asked for a name for the Christmas tree she selected, she happily said, 'Anniston!' We are all feeling super festive now! The Christmas tree is, however, the only Christmas decoration in our whole place, besides another miniature Christmas tree on the dining room table. I'm calling it good though, since we are only going on week three in our new house, and our new state. We hope you all have a wonderful end of 2015. Merry Christmas from the Lawrence's!

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