Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little Fellow Lawrence

I'm way past due on writing a post about this pregnancy. I've been meaning to write one for weeks, it just keeps slipping my mind. I always imagined that Gabe and I would have a house full of little girls. I'm not sure why. That all changed after I found out I was pregnant this time around. Almost right away, I had a strong feeling that I was pregnant with a boy this time, which is actually how I felt with Anniston. I had a feeling she was a girl pretty early on too. Mothers intuition is REAL!! Here I am, at 21 weeks prego, with our baby boy.  I will admit that this dress is very slimming on me. When I wore this dress, both my brother-in-law and brother said I looked 'less pregnant.' So believe me, when I say that I'm much bigger in real life, I promise it's true! Anyways, as far a sickness goes, this pregnancy has been cake. I barley had any morning sickness, which was actually my first indication that he was in fact, a boy. My second was that I was carrying very low. I carried Anniston so high, I could barley breath most of my pregnancy. My body has, however, hated me throughout this whole pregnancy.  Pretty much since the day I found out I was pregnant, I have had some type of pain. The first trimester, I was super crampy and even had some bleeding, no fun at all. Now that I'm well into my second trimester, I graduated from cramping to heart burn and extreme soreness. Everyday, my inside thighs feel like I did the most intense workout ever the day before, and as of this week, my pelvic bone feels like it has a serious bruise on it. So basically, I'm already rocking the pregnancy waddle at only 23 weeks. On a positive note, after having our 20-week ultrasound, we were reassured that little man is growing perfectly and measuring a few days early, which is always wonderful to hear! Anniston is also starting to get used to the idea of having a little brother, well as much as she can, without actually having him here. She knows his name and likes to tell people how she is going to be a big sister. Every night, before she goes to bed, she gives my belly a little pat and says goodnight baby brother. It's pretty precious. I just really hope she likes having a baby brother as much as she likes the idea of it. We shall see soon enough. Last night, while I was reading before bed, Gabe was sleeping on my tummy, and our little guy started kicking him right in the face, which was just another thing to reaffirm to me, that even though I already feel like a whale and 90 years old, it's all worth it. Even though I'm nervous as to how this little fellow will alter our lives, I'm ecstatic to meet him!  Having the opportunity to be a mother is the biggest blessing I have ever received, and I'm constantly reminding myself how fortunate I am.

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  1. So excited for you!! Are you going to share his name before he is born? I wanna hear! You guys are so clever with your name ideAs! :))