Thursday, July 16, 2015

Anniston's Safari Party

We decided to go with a safari theme for Anniston's birthday this year because, well, Anniston loves animals, and she also loves being outside. Whenever we take Anniston out to the backyard, she likes to pretend to see exotic animals. There are toucans and monkeys in the trees, tigers in the bushes, and pandas hanging out by the bamboo plant. We figured if there actually were exotic animals in the backyard for her birthday, she would be beyond excited! I'm very pleased to say we were right! Anniston's little friends thought it was pretty cool too. Now I'm going to be completely honest here and say that if you were an adult, the backyard safari Gabe and I set up would look straight up ghetto, but to a two year old, it was legit. Ha. This year, Anniston was all prepared for her party, which made her party that much more fun. She told us how she really wanted cupcakes and a baby hippo for her birthday weeks before the actual party. Nothing else. Just cupcakes and a real hippopotamus. Gabe told Anniston that we adopted a baby hippo from the zoo, but it had to stay there, because our backyard doesn't meet the required living space for a hippopotamus. He even whipped up a letter from the San Diego Zoo and some very authentic-looking adoption papers, which included a picture of Anniston's new baby hippopotamus, Devi. This whole thing worked out very well for us, because there just so happens to be a two month old baby hippo at the San Diego Zoo right now. She was totally sold! She cannot wait to go to the zoo next week to see her baby hippo, Devi! All in all, the party went well, and there was even a little breeze so we weren't melting, which is always very welcome during Southern California summertime. 

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