Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thoughts on 6 Years of Marriage Mixed With Some San Juan CapistranoPictures

It's funny how after you have a child, your relationship with your significant other evolves. On Gabe and I's anniversary, we started telling each other a few of our favorite memories from our six years of marriage. The funny thing was that most of the memories both of us came up with included Anniston, and she only joined this family two years ago. It's not that our marriage was boring or unhappy before we had her, I'm actually very thankful for the four years Gabe and I got to spend just getting to be a married couple, but our family just seems more complete now that she is part of it. Also, with our anniversary coming around, I had been thinking a lot about things that I love about Gabriel, and the main things I focused on were how great of a father he is to Anniston. Seeing him and Anniston play together gives me serious butterflies! It's funny how much a child can change your life in the very best way, and I'm sure our marriage and family will feel extra complete once this little man joins it in October!

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