Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two toddlers

          Heather and I have been best friends and driving everyone around us nuts since 8th grade. Our friendship is a pretty crazy one. I like to think of her as the sister I never had and she does as well. We so happened to have our babies one month apart. It has honestly been a huge blessing and one of the best things for me as a first-time mother. When we were pregnant, we got to complain to each other about how awful we felt when everyone else stopped listening. We could freak out to one another if we didn't feel the baby kick for a while, and although everyone else around us thought we were crazy, we both understood how nerve wrecking that could be. When our babies were newborns and we were up for the third time that night feeding them, we used to text each other to help one another stay awake. Now that our babies have both become toddlers, it's been such an adventure, and it's nice to have someone to talk to who is on the same roller coaster ride.

        Anniston and Logan are complete opposites. Logan is a very active little guy and he's always busy doing something, whereas Anniston likes to sit back and take everything in around her. Even though they have very different personalities, they are still toddlers, so day to day life for us as mothers is very similar. It's also a blessing that our children happen to get along pretty dang well, which equals lots of playdates. And two moms are much more equipped to handle two toddlers than one. Basically, what I am saying is if you're planning on having a baby, get pregnant at the same time as your best friend, because its the best! Love you Heather! Oh, and it's also a big plus that our husbands are pretty fond of each other as well. ;)

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