Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anniston at 14 months

Anniston had her 14 month check up last week. No shots! Wahoo! Anyway, I've decided to do a update on how much our sweet little girl is learning and growing.  
  • Her height and weight haven't changed at all in the last two months.  She is still 22 pounds (72th percentile) and 31 inches long ( 81st percentile).
  • She has learned where her nose, head, hands, feet, toes, tummy and ears are and can point to them if asked.
  • She has also been all about the barn yard animal sounds lately.  She knows the sounds of the cow, duck, sheep, dog, rooster and horse.  Anniston's Aunt Lindsey was the one who taught Anniston the horse sound.  She was having a pretty hard time with that one.  Thanks, Aunt Lindsey!
  • Her favorite words lately are bye, chicken, thank you, bubble and GG.  GG stands for Grumpy Grandpa, which is what my mom lovingly dubbed my dad.  
  •  By far, Anniston's favorite pastime is rock collecting.  Every chance she gets to be outside she is on the search for the biggest rock she can find.
  • Is getting pretty skilled at feeding herself with a spoon.
  • Her new favorite thing to do is style her hair with her food.  It's literally my least favorite thing.  She tends to have more baths lately as a result. 
  • Anniston has the chubbiest feet ever! She fits into almost no shoes.  Thank goodness for baby moccasins and sandals or she would be going around barefoot.
  • Pretty much refuses to hold anyones hand when she is walking around.  Such an independent thing.
  • Is usually a very sweet little girl who listens pretty well; however, if she is in a bad mood she can have quite an attitude.  I've clocked multiple tantrums at 60 mins.  Those were definitely not fun times. 
  • Thinks every spherical shape is a ball and every animal with four legs is a dog.  
  • Will wait at the door to go outside until someone takes her outside.  Still a nature girl.  
  • To my complete dismay, she has become a picky eater.  She used to eat everything, but pretty much the day she hit one year old, she started shaking her head at most things offered to her. 
  • In addition to her picky eating, she is basically a vegetarian, with the exception of fish. 
  • Has been having some pretty amazing snuggle moments lately, which are literally my favorite. :) 

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