Friday, November 16, 2012

Air Jaws

I like to call this segment of pictures, "Air Jaws," Jimi style. 

First, he was walking around like it's no big deal and then he said, in spanish, because Jimi speaks spanish......

"Oh! Mira que la hoja de mirada deliciosa flotaba a mi man era!" Which translates to, "Oh! Look at that delicious looking leaf floating my way," and then he was like.........

"Es mío!" Or in English, "IT'S MINE!!!"

So our dog happens to really love eating, chasing, laying, and even pooping in leaves.  Basically, Jimi is a big fan of leaves. 

Here are a few other gems we took of Jimi, demonstrating his undying love for leaves.

"Es mío!"

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