Wednesday, March 13, 2013

57 Degree Picnic

So I'm pregnant... which is old news, but we haven't updated this thing in so long that I thought I should mention it.  In more recent news, we found out we are having a little girl which we are extremely excited about!  She already has a fully stocked closet and she isn't even born yet. OOPS!  And honestly, I'm not even the main problem, it's Gabriel! He is a shopping monster when it comes to our little girl, but I think it's adorable. ha  
Gabe had the day off today and it was beautiful out.  I never thought I would think 57 degrees was remotely nice weather, but I did today, so we went for a picnic with little Jim.  Just a little side note, Jimi is now terrified of geese, which is so weird, because he used to love them.  If you look at the picture above, where Jimi is in Gabe's lap, you cant act actually tell, but Jimi is shaking up a storm. Three geese were creeping up on us and Jimi apparently believed it to be an attack.  Such a wimp. ha
Anyways, being at the park with my two favorite boys was so relaxing and peaceful, and it made me so excited for the future. We cant wait for our little girl to officially join our little family on the outside!  And even though in the next few months, there are going to be tons of changes (like me finally graduating from college and us moving back to San Diego), I'm not overwhelmed. I just feel as though a wave of calm has come over me.  I know being a parent is going to be hard and I know packing up all of our crap and moving at 7 months pregnant will be a pain in the butt, but I also know that I have an amazing husband who will support us and wonderful family and friends that will help us with whatever we need.  Basically, I'm high on life and it feels so good. :) 

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