Friday, November 9, 2012

The Pen

So this is a little late............. But the weekend before Halloween, Gabe and I decided to check out the old Idaho penitentiary.  We figured it was something somewhat spooky we could do for Halloween, considering: 1. We are both huge babies when it comes to scary stuff and 2. Because Gabe had work on Halloween.  It turns out the old penitentiary is the opposite of scary and actually pretty awesome.  We walked around the grounds for a good two hours, just in awe at how cool it was.  The penitentiary design, to us, looked like a castle. I'm sure that was not the intention of the architect who built it, but hey, it now makes for a really awesome landmark.  
Living in Boise has been such a fun adventure for Gabe and I, because we are always finding some new place to explore.  I'm really going to miss it here when we move.  I guess Gabe and I are just going to have to live it up while we are here.  Expect lots of pictures from our adventures.  :)  

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