Friday, September 14, 2012

A Bit of a New Look

There are a few new things to this little blog, two that I am especially excited about.  First off, I am no longer the lone writer of this blog, Gabriel has joined the team. YAY! Gabe used to have his very own blog but it has kind of turned into a black hole and everything just disappeared.  We decided it might be fun to take turns writing on this Blog about our life, because then you get a chance to hear about it from both of our perspectives.  Also, you guys will begin to notice that Gabe and I have very different writing styles. Mostly, Gabe's, who is very proper and actually uses punctuations. Whereas mine is more a mass of words with a few periods thrown in the mix. Ha. Second, Gabe and I purchased a fancy new camera with a little bit of student loan money, its a Cannon Rebel T2i.  I've been wanting one for a while now, because I've gotten into photography in the last year or so. Hopefully the quality of the pictures on here begin to look a little nicer as I learn our new camera. Well, I hope everyone loves the new changes. It's Gabe's turn to write next, so hopefully you will be hearing from him soon. 

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