Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day of Love

I'm not a huge fan of Valentines day but when Gabe came home last night, after work, and said "Are you ready? We are going to Taco Bell." Then I asked why and he replied "You don't like jewelry, flowers or candy and the only thing I know you always want is Taco Bell so that's what I'm getting you for Valentines day."  I immediately became a fan. 
 It was eleven o'clock at night when he said this, so I convinced him to wait and take me to Taco Bell the next day for lunch.  After lunch, I decided that, being a couple and all, we should at least do something Valentines-ish.  We went to a cute little bakery called Sugar Rush to get some kind of dessert.  We both ended up getting cupcakes.  Mine was red velvet raspberry cheesecake and Gabe's was strawberry cheesecake. Both of the cupcakes were so freaking good, I mean just look at the picture, don't they look perfect?  Please love the picture of Gabe devouring his cupcake, he obviously was really enjoying it. ha  We still had a little time before Gabe had to go to work.  After finishing our cupcakes, we ended up going to a used bookstore and Gabe got me Jurrasic Park and a really awesome Harry Potter bookmark.  I love that man so much, he is wonderful and knows me so well.  

Hope everyone else's Valentines day was full of love.