Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gabe's Early Birthday

Gabe has been craving Red Lobster ever since we made the connection that their cheese buns were probably the closest thing we will ever get to tasting Peeta Mellark's, so when I asked Gabe where he wanted to go eat for his birthday, I really should have assumed that is where he would choose.  
We weren't able to go out on his actual birthday, because I'm a terrible wife and was going to be out of town on his real birthday, but I had a very good excuse, I promise.  My grandfather had past away the previous week and I was going to San Diego for his funeral.  Anyways,  Gabe and I got Red Lobster's new promotional deal, which is a four course meal for $15.  That sounds all nice and grand in theory but the actual act of eating all that food in one sitting is pretty much physically impossible.  We ended up taking out dessert home to munch on when Gabe got home from work.

Honestly, I'm not sure why we had never thought of taking our dessert home before, because it truly is a glorious experience.  At home, you can wear your stretchy pajama bottoms instead of tight fitting jeans.  Which is very beneficial because you can easily avoid that awkward moment where you contemplate or actually do unbutton the top button of your pants after dessert. And can sit on your lovers lap and sing happy birthday at the top of your lungs with out any social ridicule. I'm pretty sure Gabe and I will never go back to eating our dessert in the restaurant again. It would simply be a let down after our heavenly experience at home.


  1. Hi Katie & Gabe.
    Firstly, Happy Birthday, Gabe!
    Secondly, here is the "top secret recipe" for the Red Lobster Biscuits.
    Let me know if you try them


  2. Awesome! Thank you Sonya, I'll probably try it out this weekend. haha I'm bummed I didn't get say bye to you last week but it was good seeing you. Tell Dylan hi for us. :)

  3. omg you are sooo silly but so true.. after eating a huge meal i always unbutton my pants.. haha.. only if my husband ate dessert. :( :(