Sunday, May 24, 2015

Strawberry Fields

We went Strawberry picking 2 weeks ago! Anniston and I have quite a bit of practice strawberry picking.  We usually pick strawberries in my parents garden once a week.  It's one of Anniston's favorite things to do, but there usually aren't very many strawberries in my parent's garden. When we find them, they are super tiny.  Gabriel planned a strawberry picking adventure for Anni, to an actual strawberry farm, so she could get the legit strawberry picking experience.  It was a total hit with Anniston! At first, she was very particular about putting all of the strawberries she picked into our bucket, but once she noticed Gabe was eating them, the whole bucket thing went out the window.  My crazy mom instincts started to kick in, so I tried to explain to them that it would probably be best if we washed the strawberries before eating them, but Gabriel and Anniston just rolled their eyes at me, while continuing to eat their berries.  I'm happy to report that they both survived and are doing fine! Ha. All my worrying was for nothing, just is the life of a mother I guess.  The strawberries we picked were absolutely the best I've ever tasted!  I'm someone who's not a huge fan of berries in general, but holy moly, did we pick some super sweet and extra juicy berries! We headed home from Carlsbad with bellies full of berries and clothes covered in red juice.  I'm also happy to report, I was able to get all of the strawberry stains out of our clothes.  Wahoo, win for me! 

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