Sunday, April 19, 2015

Anniston at 21 months

Anniston's happy place is in her tent, and I know these pictures didn't turn out that great, but I thought it was the perfect place to sum up all her current favorite things. 

  • She can now count to ten.
  • Talks mostly in full sentences. She's always been a little jabberbox. Her favorite phrase is "Mommy do it," and i'm starting to loathe it. If mommy doesn't do it, then she goes to her daddy and says, "Daddy do it." And don't you worry, we're teaching her that she can do it too.
  • She still loves books and reads every day.
  • She is doing really well with learning her shapes; however, for some reason, square always trips her up. Her favorite shape by far is a star, which I think is just perfect, considering it also happens to be her middle name.
  • Has become quite the vocalist. She is always singing. She usually just hums the tune and adds in words every now and then. We think it's pretty dang cute.
  • Has started having nightmares, which is awful!  However, one particular nightmare she had was quite funny. One night, Anniston woke up screaming, "Chickens!! Chickens!!" She was almost completely inconsolable, demanding that I take her out to see my parent's chickens. I was finally able to calm her down and convince her that the chickens were alright and promised we would go visit them first thing in the morning. And you better believe, she held me to that promise. She let out an excited "Yay!" when she saw that the chickens were okay. Sweet baby really loves my parent's chickens. 
  • When something goes missing or breaks, she likes to blame either her Uncle Chris or my parent's dog, Jake, who Anniston calls "Jacob."
  • She loves the swing and will swing all day if you let her.
  • She's pretty good at soccer, and her daddy recently bought her a t-ball set, after realizing that she has a pretty good arm too. 
  • When asked, Anniston will let you know that her name is "Anston." We are working on getting the second N and I in there. 
  • She started swim lessons this month. She talks about how much she loves them all week long, but when we actually get her in the water for her class, you would never know it. We like to use the excuse that she just needs time to get used to it. Keeping our fingers crossed!
  • At night, when Gabe and I are singing with her before bed, she wraps her little arms around both of our necks, squeezes us tight and says, "Snuggles!" It's the sweetest! 
And that's our little munchkin Anni at 21 months. 

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