Monday, January 19, 2015

Anniston's 18 Months Update

Anniston at 18 months weighs 26 pounds (80th percentile) and is 31.25 inches long (50th percentile).

  • Has become quite a talker and has recently started speaking in two and three word sentences. For example, "Bye bye Jacob," "Sit down," "More please," and "Feed them." But our absolute favorite thing Anniston now says is "Wuv you."  Gets us every time.
  • Her favorite friends are Logan and her cousin, Blaklee. She is constantly asking about them.  She also likes pretend calling them on her toy phone. 
  • Can count to 3; however, it's always a chore to get her to say one. It seems to be her least favorite number. 
  • Curious George is her go-to book series.  She requests we read Curious George at least 4 times each day. We've been making a lot more trips to the library lately, because I can only read the same book thirty times tops before wanting to rip the book to shreds. 
  • Loves animals and can name and identify over 25 different ones. She has been favoring rhinos, turtles and ducks as of late. 
  • Now only takes an hour or one and a half hour nap each day. RIP multiple naps per day, you will be greatly missed.
  • Favorite foods lately are milk, any type of berry, raisins and mac and cheese.
  • Has started to enjoy coloring and doing puzzles, but she would choose to read a book over either. 
  • Thinks it's the funniest thing when she toots. 
  • Must have her little stuffed friend, Lambie Pie, to go to sleep. Thanks, Aunt Kas and Uncle James!
  • Thinks hide 'n seek is the best game ever, especially now that she has a fancy new tent to hide in. 
  • Has been requesting to be put in her crib when she is ready for bed. 
  • Yells "Bless you!" whenever someone sneezes or coughs.  Such a polite little lady.
  • Is wearing 2T shirts, but 18 to 24 month pants.  She has a very long torso.

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