Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Heard the Bells

This Christmas was one of my very favorites!  We didn't have a million different places to go, we just kind of hung out at my parents house all day with family, and enjoyed an evening bowling and playing foosball together. After I became a mother, I really learned to apppreciate the simple things. Anniston was much more excited about opening and recieving gifts this year, so much so, that everyone in my family wanted Anniston to open their gifts for them. Oh, the joys of being the only grandchild on the Pilley side of the family! My favorite gift this year was from my sweet husband, of course.  He got me this beautiful chess set from World Market that was handmade in India. About 3 years ago, Gabe and I went out and purchased a five dollar chess set at Walmart. We played it all the time! We used to stay up way too late playing, and we always had a fun time playing it together, even though Gabe always beat me. I attribute my consistent failure to win against Gabe to him being in the chess club in middle school.  Yes ladies, be jealous! But I'll have you know, I totally beat Gabe in our first game on my new chess board! I'm in a bit of denial, still trying to accept that Christmas time is over and still wishing everyone a Merry Christmas everywhere we go. It was a wonderful Christmas in the Lawrence and Pilley households! I hope everyones Christmas was as pleasant and simple as ours. <3

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