Sunday, July 13, 2014

Anniston's Dino Beach Bash

Anniston turns one tomorrow, and it is completely blowing my mind!  Turning one is a big deal, so of course, we had to celebrate. We decided on a dinosaur theme, because Anniston absolutely loves to roar.  However, I wasn't aware that it is nearly impossible to get dinosaur themed anything in somewhat gender-neutral colors. Heaven forbid Party City make an invitation or napkin with a yellow or light green dino on it.  So we basically had to make everything for Anni's party ourselves. It was actually really fun, but thank goodness Gabe is artistic and good with a computer, because that helped so much.  We chose the beach because, well, it was free. Ha. This was actually really inconvenient for everyone, because the beach was so crowded and there was tons of traffic.  The party actually started almost 40 minutes late, because everyone was stuck in traffic.  :) Once everyone arrived, we kinda just relaxed and ate food.   It was not overwhelming or overly busy, which was so nice.  I'm just so thankful to all of our family and friends who were patient enough to be stuck in traffic and search for parking so we could celebrate our baby girl's birthday.  Thanks to everyone who came!  You guys are all awesome!  Also, an extra special thanks to Kas for being Anniston's personal birthday party photographer. :)


  1. Such Cute Pictures, I miss you, you guys need to make a boise trip soon!

  2. Thanks Brooke! We really want to come visit but it will have to be next year. :( we miss you guys lots too.