Friday, June 20, 2014

Anniston's 11 months

Anniston is now 21 lb, 6 oz,  and 30 in long.
  • Anniston likes to point at everything and say "this?" or "that?" It's her own little way of saying, "What is this?" or "What is that?" She is so curious and wants to know about everything.
  • Anniston's favorite sound to make is the dinosaur. If you ask her what sound a dinosaur makes or just roar at her because you feel like it, you're sure to get a "RAWR!" back from her.
  • She took her first step; However, anything past one step on her own is much too scary for her at this point. 
  • Her vocabulary has exploded this past month.  She surprises us everyday with something new. It's so much fun!
  • Like's to crawl around the house while Gabe and I follow her around.  If we aren't following her, she stops and waits for us. Such a polite little baby. Anniston and Gabe like to have crawl races down the hall and Anniston thinks it's so funny.
  • Loves every type of berry.  She always points at the berry carton and says "more." It's pretty dang cute. 
  • Slipped in the tub and got her first black eye.  Poor thing! 
  • Likes to move her little body to the beat of any type of music. She's a little dancing phene.  
  • We often find her strumming on her daddy's guitar strings.  She also likes to get on her tippy toes and sneakily play the piano. 
  • Gives the best hugs.  She's pretty selective of who she gives them to, but if she likes you, there's a good chance she'll sneak in a kiss.

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