Monday, September 2, 2013

La Jolla

Last Saturday, we decided to head down to the beach with some of our fellow married friends, Mike, Alexie, and their baby girl, Rylee.  Since we have moved back to San Diego, we've only been to the beach a couple of times, which honestly, is a travesty.  I love the beach, but I'm not really a 'swim at the beach' type of person. I like to go on walks, explore the tide pools, or have a nice picnic at the beach. My absolute favorite time to be at the beach is in the evening.  Most of the beach goers have gone home for the day, it starts to cool off as the sun goes down, and you can really feel the sea mist frizzing out your hair.  mmmm Perfect beach stroll recipe right there.  Anyways, I was a little worried about taking Anniston down to the beach during the day, because she is still so young and only allowed to be out in the sun for 10 minutes each day.  Luckily, Alexie brought an umbrella, because all I had was some sun screen (which apparently you arent suppose to put on babies until they are 6 months old...bad mommy moment for me) and a little hat to cover Anni's face. It was so nice though, because Alexie, Rylee, Anniston and I, just relaxed under the umbrella while the boys went surfing. I'm so glad we have friends that are also first time parents to talk to about all the crazy things that happen when you have a brand new baby. It's very comforting to know that we're not the only people going through this crazy, yet amazing experience. 


  1. Love these pictures Katie! Miss you!!!

  2. Wonderful. I'm so glad you have friends around you to share your journey with. It can make a big difference. Love and miss you terribly. PS I put sunscreen on my babies and I think they will all graduate high school. ;)

    Love you Lady Lawrence