Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mosquitoes and Marshmallows

Camping is one of Gabe and I's favorite outdoor activities, but we haven't really had the time to do it lately which is quite sad really.  Luckily, this weekend we got to end that trend. We went camping in the Sawtooth Mountains with Nathan and our favorite mountain man, James. None of us had 
ever been to this area before so it was quite an adventure for us.  One of the main things that attracted us to this specific camping area was that it had a supposed hot spring, in reality the hot spring looked pretty much like an oversized hot tub. I was pretty disappointed.  Fortunately, Sawtooth offered an amazing wilderness so I was satisfied. We spent most of our time there either eating, playing just about every sport you can think of, and geocaching.  Geocaching is something Gabe and I were introduced to by James, he's kinda an expert.  Anyways, geocaching is kinda like a world wide treasure hunt. People hide items all over  and then place their coordinates on the geocaching website for people to go find. Other than the numerous mosquito bites we received and a few unrealistic bear freak outs, the Sawtooth mountains treated us pretty great.

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