Friday, March 30, 2012

Yoi Tomo

My awesome parents paid Gabe and I a little visit last weekend. The following are all the exciting events that occurred durning their visit. 

We had all-you-can-eat sushi.  

 So the only way I can describe how delicious this sushi was is that is was like millions of little Japanese angels kissing my tastebuds. ha

Gabe's eye.

Momma and I 

Best chocolate cake ever!

Whoever said vegan food was tasteless was utterly wrong and must have never stopped by Shangri La. 

Momma and I really like doing crafts, so I showed her how to make her very own book wreath.

 And we also stopped by Ceramica and painted some pretty awesome owl mugs.  Yes, I realize that my owl kinda looks like a Pokemon ball but whatev, Pokemon is cool right? ha

Saying goodbye.  Don't you love my bum attire?

Basically, whenever my parents come to Boise, the weather decides to be terrible because it hates me.  As a  result, we always end up eating really yummy food, watching lots of movies and doing fun crafts and I must admit, it is pretty freaking awesome.  Next time I see these smiling faces I'll be in San Diego enjoying the beautifully warm sun.

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