Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ezra's the big 0-1!

Our baby boy is now one year old. I'm trying not to get too emotional, but really, I'm happy he is one. Gabe and I don't love the baby stage. 
  • Ezra is 21 pounds (45%) and 29.5 inches long (35%) 
  • He is in love with our Roku remote. He carries it around the house all day long, and he has been caught multiple times trying to smuggle it out of the house with him. 
  • Has learned how to say 'cheese' and requests it all the time, because it is, of course, his favorite.
  • Has started to enjoy longer books. Praise the heavens, because the same 3 books every night was making me CRAZY!!
  • Pretty much since the day he turned one, Ezra has been all about walking solo. He was just waiting for his birthday I guess.
  • His lovey that he sleeps with is a black stuffed llama, which was the first gift Gabe ever gave me. When I give it to him in bed, he always says 'Ama' and it's the cutest! 
  • If you ask him what a dinosaur says, he will make a very throaty and creepy roar. 
  • Is a total goofball and is always making us laugh.

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