Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ezzy Wezzy at 9 Months Old

Ezra is now 19 lb, 3 Oz (47%) & 28 inches long (43%) 
  • Smiles at everyone. If he is crying and I smile at him, he can't help but smile back. 
  • Loves peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. We discovered this when he managed to sneak a bit of Anniston's when I wasn't looking once. Thank goodness he wasn't allergic to peanuts! 
  • Hates bananas. Other than that, he's pretty happy eating anything. 
  • Prefers feeding himself finger foods, but if he's desperate, he will eat purees.
  • Has slept through the night but rarely does.  He usually wakes up at least once but it's progress. :)
  • Loves, loves, loves dogs and pretty much any other furry thing. 
  • Thinks it's pretty cool that he can turn the pages in his books.
  • We got him a stuffed Chewbacca and he's obsessed! I'm pretty sure he think it's a cat. Ha.
  • He's been saying new words, but only says them once or twice, not consistently, so I'm not counting them. But he's getting really good at making animal sounds. He knows the sounds that sheep, horses, and elephants make.
  • Is so close to walking!! He can walk pretty well while holding one of my fingers, but he's not confident enough to go at it all alone just yet.
  • Went on his first plane ride and loved it, as long as he was able to look out the window.

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