Monday, October 20, 2014

Logan and Anni's first trip to the P Patch

We took the munchkins on their first trip to the pumpkin patch, and to be honest, it wasn't the biggest hit with them.  However, in the defense of the pumpkin patch,  it was also a farm and garden, so there were more interesting things to look at than just stationary, orange spheres.  Anni and Logan loved the animals and waterfall!  They also had a bounce house, which was what attracted  most of Anniston's attention.  Poor thing was so distraught that she was too little to go inside. The pumpkin patch we chose to go to was Summers Past Farm, which is an adorable little place right outside of Alpine.  It was very small, so it wasn't packed at all, even on a Saturday.  The babies could run around and we didn't have to worry about them getting trampled, which is a very big plus! The munchkins had a great time chasing each other and everyone else around at Summers Past Farm so it was a successful first trip to the P patch in our book!

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